The Aboriginal people are a very proud and spiritual race. Although we remain strong with our Aboriginality and our traditions, sadly the fact is that we are a dying race.

Storytellers offers quality authentic traditional and contemporary paintings by Aboriginal Australians from some the remotest areas in the world.

Storytellers are not commercially tied to any one particular locality for the production of our art. We pride ourselves on the fact that our Artwork comes from Australia wide. Our current works are from Western Australia, the Nothern Territory and South Australia.

Unlike the majority of art dealers who mass produce their artwork, our independent business enables us to maintain a high standard of art production that is undeniably not mass produced. This is delivered through the unique representation of our images that will displayed for our clients.Women's Food Dreaming

Specialing in art, not only for investment purposes but for the appreciation and understanding of Aboriginal Art.

One of the leading edges this business has is that we guarantee our clients will continue to receive quality and service with each purchase.

Our business logo incorporates ‘Kalaya’ the emu and is derived from the Aboriginal language of the Nhunda people which are situated in the mid-west region of Western Australia. What follows, yet leads the way is the Aboriginal Dreamtime.

Storytellers is an Aboriginal family-owned business situated in Northampton Western Australia. This unique family company specialises in assisting interested people to enjoy a variety of genuine experiences with the oldest living cultures in the world – Aboriginal Australia.

The business is currently working with Aboriginal artists throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and South Australia. In particular, the business has extensive representation and cultural links to Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The range of art that the business has to offer varies from State to State, from community to community. From the traditional to the more contemporary styles, which generally offer the artist’s personal interpretation of how the old culture stands within the new environment.

Storytellers offers the dealer/customer paintings specific to their own lifestyle or life story, in so much that we can have works commissioned for clients telling their own individual dream time story in their art. This, when possible, coupled with photographs of the work in progress.

Upon receipt of sale the client will receive as a certificate of authenticity, a portfolio of the artist and their work, coupled with a story of the Artwork.

Storytellers major motivation is in the supply of investment which provides quality art through personal deliverance.