Kalaya Dreams has a duty of care towards our artists and have established and maintained a strong partnership. Having a comprehensive understanding and respect for the art and the way of the Aboriginal people, we have gained their trust, respect, and recognition.

We support evolving artists, also recognized artists in gaining financial independence.

Kalaya Dreams are Aboriginal experts, having the knowledge in understanding the diversity of Australian Aboriginal cultures ranging from the desert peoples, the freshwater/riverine peoples, to the saltwater/coastal peoples, just to name a few.

To assist in a deeper understanding, Australian Aboriginal cultures can be distinguished in two primary ways. Firstly, by their geography and secondly, by their history, including their often dramatic experiences of contact with the white man.

An important part of Aboriginal culture is painting. Its importance is obvious when it is understood how deeply woven this is across the Aboriginal Communities Australia wide and is cultural practice. Painting has always been one of the main vehicles for communication and the documenting of historical events and stories.

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