• A Faceless UniverseHolds high regard and respect for the integrity of the Aboriginal people
  • Ensures that through the artwork the culture of the Aboriginal people will be preserved    and valued for their true worth
  • Preserves the spirituality associated with Aboriginal art
  • Gives ‘hope’ back to many of the Communities who are currently in despair
  • We offer a broader introduction into Aboriginal Australia
  • We have positive interaction of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people
  • Providing opportunity for the non-Aboriginal people to experience, and be a part of the traditional culture of the Aboriginal people
  • The stories depicted by each artist are portrayed from the stories of each artists knowledge and of their ancestral history
  • All artwork is recorded documentation and identified for the significance in which it represents
  • Each individual artist gives absolute respect for their tribal boundaries both internationally and within their Aboriginal cultural homelands
  • Client satisfaction in both product and service
  • Offers international access with Aboriginal Australia
  • Sales from the artwork provides financial security for both the business and the artists

Products and Service

Storytellers‘ product range consists of Aboriginal paintings, both traditional and contemporary. There is a continuous appreciation through each piece of art, simply by the portrayal of the work.

Storytellers is a creative and motivated art business. Our team is perfectly positioned to help our client base meet its art investment goals. Offering a specialist service dedicated to finding works from artists that meet the individual taste of our clients. We are able to access works Australia wide to meet the aspirations requested from our clients.

Storytellers recognises the value of the art market and guarantees to keep open lines of communication and mutual respect between itself, the artists and investors. The purchasing of art becomes an investment. (History records over time art works have consistently gone up in value and works of art become priceless.)

Nhunda Sand DreamingEach piece of art is presented as a high quality product, ensuring customer satisfaction.

The artworks reflect the spirituality of Aboriginal Australia. They tell the stories of Ancestral journeys, significant and sacred sites, representing religious art and a source of life. A primary driver for the business is to ensure both customer and supplier satisfaction

Although unknown artists and their unknown works are termed as ‘secondary’, our artists and their work are second to none.

Art Authenticity

Storytellers monitors distinct attribution and authenticity process to ensure that we are accurate in our business practice.

Each painting is consigned a guaranteed work of authenticity which consists of a catalogue number, the artist name and profile, the medium and size detailed, also accompanied with the written Story of the painting.

The artwork is purchased directly from the artist. Our artists are encouraged to sign their work, or have a photograph supporting the authenticity of their work. Where possible we arrange for a series of photographs of the work in progress, but only if it is non-invasive to the artist, additionally, where possible, photographs on the completion of the painting and the artist.

There may be cultural circumstances or ceremonial events that make a request for photographs inappropriate.

Signatures and/or photographs enable the artist to have a record of ownership for their work, also giving the buyer a guarantee that the work is from the said artist.

Our Aboriginal art business is established on ethical principles, we encourage our potential buyers to contact us it they have any queries regarding a works authenticity.

The buyers are informed in having authentic documentation with any purchase and to keep this documentation as it will be essential for any future sale. We operate within the current Australian Inquiry into the Art Market and the proposed regulations on best practices on authenticity and quality.